Selective Enrollment HS Students

Congratulations to our center's selective enrollment high school students and alumni!

  • Anna Z.
  • Bea A.
  • Benjamin L.
  • Carlin G.
  • Cecilia L.
  • Daniel H.
  • Deena K.
  • Efrata S.
  • Elise E.
  • Fatema H.
  • Grace G.
  • Hannah K.
  • Isabella D.
  • Jeremy D.
  • John W.
  • Joseph K.
  • Joshua V.
  • Kathlyn O.
  • Kevin O.
  • Kimberly O.
  • Leevy W.
  • Livia K.
  • Lucia L.
  • Marielle D.
  • Michael J. S.
  • Michael S.
  • Natalie P.
  • Nicole Z.
  • Nikko S.
  • Othmane E.
  • Patrick A.
  • Sami K.
  • Suleman H.
  • Taylor E.

Kumon Success Stories

Dear Kumon parents and students,

Here are four inspiring Kumon student success stories I want to share with you from this year's Kumon North America Instructors Conference in Nashville, Tennessee:

During the conference, these four program completers met with current Kumon students in the area giving them advice and encouragement on taking the correct steps to complete the Kumon program.

Please take a moment to read how the aforementioned students were able to achieve their goals and excel in their respective fields with the help of Kumon.



Mr. John

    From The Desk of Mr. John

    LEVEL "J" in Both Math and Reading by 6th Grade

    What makes a successful student and how do I make my child one? This is the question founder Toru Kumon was attempting to answer when he opened the first Kumon center in 1956 and created the “Kumon Method” in Japan. At my centers, one of the indicators of success is being able to attend a selective high school or college. As such, I would like to congratulate our Kumon students and alumni who are moving on to a selective high school or college. However, there are other aspects I look for when it comes to defining “success” as a Kumon student. I have observed that those students who come to Kumon regularly as part of Kumon students' routine once or twice weekly and whose work is completed, checked, and corrected daily gain more from their studies which results in higher grades in school. Consequently, it is these Kumon students who shall succeed in college and beyond. It is the strength, confidence, and independence that they have gained from the Kumon method that allows them to achieve more on their own. That is what being a successful student is.

    One of our goals at Kumon is ensuring that our students are working on comfortable material. The more comfortable the level, the better. We do not rush students towards more difficult material in Kumon; our priority is for the students to master the lower level work! An informal talk to my successful students revealed that Kumon was one of the major factors in success when it came to the various standardized tests. In today’s educational environment, it is imperative to obtain good standardized test scores as they play a major role in determining one's elementary school, high school, college, and even one’s job.  Some of these schools that students should strive to enroll in include: Decatur, Latin, Parker, Skinner-North, Walt Disney Magnet by Marine Drive, St. Ignatius, Northside College Prep, and the 7th and 8th grade programs of Lane Tech, Whitney Young, and Walter Payton. 

    Recently there has been a rumor that these selective enrollment high schools and some charter schools are planning to offer admission starting at 5th and 6th grade. With this possibility in mind, now is the time to start planning ahead.  At Kumon, we will help you plan and prepare using our systematic approach to learning. Please talk to our friends and families in our waiting room or visit us during one of our Kumon Family Nights to get more familiar with this approach for your child.

    Attached are links to articles that I hope will help us together in your Kumon journey. Please do not hesitate to talk to me about your child’s progress. Let us work together to advance their Kumon studies. 


    John Salceda
    Director of Kumon Program

    "Learning How to Learn"
    "Kumon Helps Independence in Students' Learning to Achieve More on Your Own"

    From the desk of Mr. John

    From the tender age of three, our students are taught the importance and beauty of curiosity. At Kumon, we instill a love of learning in all who enter our doors. Through Kumon’s unique, efficient, and purposive instructional approach to learning, we encourage parents to continue the same process at home. This approach ensures that not only are we at Kumon involved in the student’s progress, but that the family is engaged as well. Having you, the parent, involved serves two purposes: (1) you help us at Kumon by acting as a guide to your child which leads to (2) your child learning discipline and responsibility while doing their Kumon work.

    Our past and present students’ experiences and successes in school demonstrate the lasting results of the Kumon program. Through advanced studies in math, reading, and writing, our students have become independent due to their high confidence and self esteem. They have been able to achieve more on their own in school and beyond.

    Visit us at my Kumon center for a free orientation and diagnostic testing to begin your personalized Kumon journey. We will show you the tremendous benefits for older and younger students of the Kumon program such as enrichment as well as remediation.

    - John Salceda

    Director of Kumon for over 18 years, started Kumon with his three year old son in 1996 who now attends the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ECE.

    “There is always something better.” – Toru Kumon