Most supplemental education programs have a somewhat narrow mission. Their tools are tutors and textbooks, and they tend to focus on a very specific topic with which a child is struggling. For the most part, they specialize in rapidly "fixing" students who have fallen behind in a particular subject or students who need to improve their tests scores quickly.

Kumon is different

While Kumon is focused on math and reading, our educational mission is much bigger than any one subject, or any one test. Kumon is not a "quick fix" and does not tutor children, but is a systematic approach to giving your child the tools to succeed in every, aspect and at every stage, of school.

The Kumon Method

  • Kumon encourages independent learning. We help the students realize that they are capable of learning and creating goals for themselves without adult assistance. It is very rewarding for our students once they are able to figure out concepts for themselves.
  • Kumon students do not forget what they learn. Kumon teaches cumulatively, meaning that concepts are built upon each other over time. This structure helps students retain concepts. Therefore, all new concepts are built on a firm foundation. Through the Kumon experience, students also learn healthy study habits, work skills, and develop a sense of self-confidence. Students become enthusiastic towards learning and eager to take on new challenges, an essential life skill.

The Kumon curriculum consists of more than twenty clearly defined skill levels and hundreds of assignments spanning material from the preschool level all the way up to the college level. With each assignment your child advances in small, manageable increments.