Class Day Routine

When students first enter the Center on a class day, they will need to follow the classroom procedures below.

  1. Pick up their plastic pocket folder (one for each subject), which are filed alphabetically by subject at the front of the Center.
  2. Put completed homework in the folder and place the new homework in their Kumon Box.
  3. Take out class work and turn their folder in at the grading station.
  4. Complete their class work (making sure to record the beginning and ending time).
  5. Turn in class work.
  6. Work on supplemental activity, namely, number boards, oral reading, etc., while work is graded.
  7. Complete corrections if necessary (may need to correct more than once).
  8. Take a student folder with class work and homework to the Instructor for review of work discussion (daily feedback).

Students enrolled in one subject (math or reading) should be in the center at least 30 minutes before closing time to allow sufficient time to complete their work. Students enrolled in two subjects should be in the center at least one hour before closing time.